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Portage, MI 49002



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Midge Sweeney

...notions collector extraordinaire and proud designer of 2 necessary items in any sewing room or household with little people. (The litter bag is an adaptation but the baby minder is all mine!)

Midge Sweeney

Baby Minder: $35.00 (You can choose from fabric selections I have available.) This baby minder fits over a high chair to help the baby who needs some support (or restraint) and it also fits over a chair when no high chair is available.



Midge Sweeney

Litter Bags: $12.50 each. I have one by each machine, one on my cutting table and one on my ironing board to hold my spray starch and any threads I need to clip!



Midge Sweeney

6 June Tailor thread stands that can hang on your wall to hold your thread collection. 4 of them are for 60 spools, 1 for 120 spools and 1 for serger cones. $35.00 for all!



Midge Sweeney

Alvin 40" TruFlex11 Flexible Curve: New in package and wonderful for measuring that crotch or armhole curve: $15.00



Midge Sweeney

Aeron Chair: You can try this out at Bernina! It is truly the ultimate in sewing room chairs! $350.00


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