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Kalamazoo ASG members enjoy learning from each other and sharing their skills. It's fun to record our events and look back at the times we've spent together.


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Heather Kramer

Members feted Heather Kramer with a bridal shower in June 2011...just days before her wedding.


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Pretty Lake 2010

It was a perfect weekend for sewing at Pretty Lake in October 2010.


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Komen Race for the Cure 2010

The Steppin' Stitchers join thousands at the Komen Race for the Cure.


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Project Connect 2010

Kalamazoo ASG members served Kalamazoo's homeless at Project Connect.


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Spring Luncheon 2010

One of the highlights of the year is the Spring Luncheon.



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Cadillac Sewing Retreat 2010

A new event for Kalamazoo ASG chapter members in 2010 was the Cadillac Sewing Retreat.


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Christmas 2009

Kalamazoo ASG members look forward to celebrating the holidays at their December meeting.


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Brook Lodge Sewing Retreat 2009

The weekend sewing retreat at Brook Lodge in 2009 was very popular among members.


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Battle Creek Neighborhood Group 2009

Battle Creek Neighborhood Group members enjoy seeing the beautiful designs for (wo)man's best friend.


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Spring Luncheon 2008

Kalamazoo ASG model their creations at the Spring Luncheon in 2008 at Brook Lodge.


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Spring Luncheon 2007

Friends, food, and fashion are center stage at the 2007 Spring Luncheon.


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Spring Luncheon 2005

The Ladies Library provided the perfect venue for the Spring Luncheon in 2005.


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Pretty Lake Sewing Retreat 2005

It doesn't get any better than a weekend sewing retreat at Pretty Lake in 2005.


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